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true to form

Working from a ranch on the outer edge of Ft. Worth, TX living a life I only told stories about when I was 8 years old. For as long as I can remember, I've been making stuff  — All kinds of stuff. Mostly I make digital visuals, but I also enjoy dabbling in tangible mediums, across a broad range of topics. Late last year I even put out a small batch of hot sauce, that was pretty fun and challenging. Among my peers I suppose I'd be considered an illustrator/brand designer. It's easy to get caught up in professional labels I try to stay away from that.

Playing music and cooking are pretty enjoyable hobbies for me, along with writing and putting together the occasional model kit, lately I've been trying to take advantage of living out in the woods. Although I'm fairly disciplined  I do enjoy hitting the road with my wife for impromptu road trips out of town. Last spring we welcomed my niece into our home to raise a ruckus on a daily basis. We have a French Bulldog, his government name is Angus Tiberius but all who know and love him just call him "Bubs". He likes french fries — They all help me keep my head on straight and not take myself too seriously.


potty mouth - shamelessly carnivorous - almond milk drinker - I kinda collect toys, do-dads & misc. receptacles - non-sensical tweeter - audiophile - Taco & cheeseburger enthusiast - I like brussels sprouts and drinking big red. There is only one coca-cola - pepsi sucks


some more words. 

A funny thing happens when your design career reaches puberty — You look at the "industry" and look at yourself and then back at the "industry" again and think "Where do I fit in? in this relationship?" For me, all of the hype just kind of started to fall away. Trying to find a little corner of some agency somewhere, with cool perks and a title became a waning thought. I like being a lone wolf, I like not having a title, I like working personally on every part of the project—whether big or small.

In recent years I've used this area of my website to talk about the work I've done over the last 16 years,  Although I've been designing since 2001, I did all that work while working full-time jobs (among other things). It wasn't until 2011 that I took the leap and went full-time freelance. Crazy to think it's already been 7 years During that time I owned and operated my own brand. A year of that time was spent running a brick & mortar shop with my two business partners. Nothing has taught me more about the needs of a growing business than having to solve those problems for myself.

Since 2014 I've been fully devoted to working with up and coming business owners and individuals on creating designs and brand solutions that work for them. I can talk about my awards and other accoladesSure we can do a trendy, cool looking thing, that people might think is cool and fits a certain style. But that doesn't mean it's the best solution. Nowadays, since finding my own groove — Something that goes beyond just being a jigsaw and hammer. I like to push the imagination of those I'm working with and often hope that thought can be reciprocated. 




Some of my favorite work is branding, especially identity systems with many moving parts that work together to convey a brand's vision. I've also done a good deal of work in packaging, (physical) product development in clothing as well as the food industry. UI/UX design and illustration work is something I've been working in a lot more frequently. I generally work best with folks who can be very involved in the process with their ideas, but also have the imagination to trust my vision or try something a little different. However, I'm far from a "yes man" I want to deliver designs and products that I'm proud to share with the masses. I do love when an idea is just perfect, but I have no qualms going against the grain to make the work better.